Air Force Legal Support
for the 21st Century

The Foundation recognizes the ever-increasing complexity of military operations and the importance of the rule of law. Recent events underscore the need for a curriculum focused not only on traditional military-legal topics but also on familiarizing military lawyers with the issues associated with nation-building, occupying forces, and the unique challenges of dealing with terrorists and non-nation state entities. To keep our lawyers on the cutting edge, the JAG School must have the necessary resources to engage the best, most knowledgeable speakers on these issues and the staff to develop new curriculum in a rapid manner.

The JAG School is in session 50 weeks of the year, teaching 30 different resident courses to more than 4100 students annually. Additionally, the faculty provides more than 1200 hours of instruction to 12,000 students attending Air University schools and colleges. What began as a small school designed to orient new Air Force lawyers has developed into a dynamic educational institution serving The Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the future leaders of the United States Air Force.

Funding Priorities

Educational Excellence
Fill gaps in education and training where appropriated funds are not available to achieve JAG School objectives.

Operations Law, Cyber Law, and Terrorism
Explore alternatives in dealing with national sovereignty issues and non-state actors.

Expert Guest Speakers
Invite world-class professional speakers and educators to address topics involving national security law, business, and industry.

Webcast and eLearning
Increase availability of online learning strategies.

Expanded Curriculum
Develop additional course books and curriculum to enhance the program of study.

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