previous grants FOR 2008-2009

The JAG School Foundation is investing in the education and career advancement of judge advocates and Paralegals trained at the JAG School. The following grants were board approved in 2008-2009:


Labor Law Guest Speaker
Enhanced the curriculum of the Advanced Labor and Employment Law Course (ALELC) by funding the appearance of Peter B. Broida, Esq., from the Federal Employment Law Training Group. (Broida’s presentation received “off the charts” student critiques.)

Legal Writing Workshop
Provided a full day legal writing workshop conducted by Mr. Edward Good, a nationally recognized expert on legal writing. The workshop was available to and attended by judge advocates and paralegals from throughout the Air Force.

Recruitment & Relationship-Building

Law School Career Services Officers Conference
Improved relations with law school career services officers by educating them about the unique and important career opportunities available in the JAG Corps. The Foundation funded the cost of a dinner held during the conference.


Paralegal Advisory Committee
Funded the cost of social events when the American Bar Association committee members visit to study and advise on accrediting the School’s paralegal program.


Fostered teamwork by providing awards to paralegal students equivalent to those awarded to judge advocate students. The Foundation’s goal is to richly reward the most deserving students through the following awards:

Paralegal Badges
For all graduates of the Paralegal Apprentice Course.

Paralegal Top Graduate Awards
For the top 10% of the Paralegal Apprentice Course and the Paralegal Craftsman Course.

Awards, Plaques and Nameplates
Engraved nameplates and plaques for JAG School awards, which are on display at the School.

AFJAGS Marathon Team
Sponsored the JAG School faculty marathon teamís participation in the Air Force Marathon at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.


CPA Review
Funded the bi-annual review of the Foundationís books by a Certified Public Accountant.

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