The JAG School Foundation is investing in the education and career advancement of judge advocates and paralegals trained at the JAG School. The following grants were board approved for 2011-2012:


Lecture Series
Develop and fund annually a lecture or series of lectures to be entitled “The Major General David C. Morehouse, Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series,” to provide specialized learning opportunities for JAG School students and the entire Air University community, Maxwell Air Force Base and Montgomery, Alabama community. The 2011 Morehouse Lecturer was Mr. Simon Sinek, noted author and consultant. Mr. Sinek’s book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, was voted one of the top 10 leadership books of the year.

Recruitment & Relationship-Building

Law School Career Services Officers Conference
Improve relations with law school career services officers by educating them about the unique and important career opportunities available in the JAG Corps. The Foundation will fund the cost of a dinner held during the conference.


Enlisted Attendance at JASOC Dining Out
Foster the growth of teamwork between paralegals and judge advocates by underwriting the cost, allowing enlisted paralegal faculty members to attend JASOC Graduation Dining Out.

Paralegal Advisory Committee
Underwrite the cost of social events when the American Bar Association committee members visit to study and advise on accrediting the School’s paralegal program.


The Foundation’s goal is to richly reward the most deserving students through the following awards:

Paralegal Badges
For all graduates of the Paralegal Apprentice Course.

Paralegal Top Graduate Awards
For the top 10% of the Paralegal Apprentice Course and the Paralegal Craftsman Course.

TJAG Annual Award Plaque Nameplates
Provide plaques and engraved nameplates for each of the annual winners of the TJAG Awards.

JAG Badges for JASOC Graduates
Provide a “first” JAG Badge for each graduate of JASOC. The badge is presented by The Judge Advocate General

JAG School Lithographs
Purchase lithographs of the JAG School to be presented to each departing member of the faculty to memorialize their service on the faculty.

A commemorative coin is provided to each graduate of JASOC by a Trustee of the Foundation. Purpose is to memorialize the occasion and raise awareness of the Foundation among our junior officers.

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