To provide assistance to the JAG School's educational endeavors by offering support not available through appropriated funds.

     The Air Force Judge Advocate General's School Foundation, Inc. stands as a proud partner in the tradition of excellence carried on by the Air Force JAG Corps.  The Foundation is private and its activities are not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Government.  Generous contributions from retired, active duty, and reserve component JAGs and paralegals help the Foundation provide financial resources to the JAG School, when appropriated funds cannot be acquired, to further enhance the educational opportunities and facilities at the JAG School.  

The JAG School Foundation 2019 Legacy Newsletter

2019 JAGSF Legacy Newsletter (pdf)



Approved Grants: June 2018


  • Cyber Law Symposium Support & Speakers
  • National Security Writing Competition & Prizes
  • Equipment for Non-Prior Service Airmen
  • Replace Dishwasher in Protocol Prep Area
  • AFJAGS & Foundation Flags and Replacement Flag Poles
  • Stadler (Outstanding Reserve Senior NCO Paralegal of the Year) & Castleman (Outstanding Paralegal Airman of the Year) Plaques and Nameplates

Approved Grants: June 2017


  • Cyber Law Symposium Support & Speakers
  • National Security Writing Competition & Prizes
  • Banners for Morehouse Lecture
  • Lectern for Paralegal Classroom
  • Frame for TJAG Portrait

Recurring Grants


  • The Morehouse Lecture:  To provide a specialized learning opportunity for JAG School students, faculty and staff, and the Air University, Maxwell AFB, and Montgomery, Alabama communities by underwriting the costs associated with speakers, advertising, and a reception for the Major General David C. Morehouse, Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series.
  • JAG Badges:  To provide all graduates of the Judge Advocate Staff Officers Course (JASOC) their "first" JAG badge.
  • Paralegal Badges:  To provide all graduates of the Paralegal Apprentice Course (PAC) their "first" Paralegal badge.
  • Foundation Coins:  To provide all graduates of the JASOC and PAC courses a commemorative coin to memorialize the event and raise awareness of the Foundation among junior officers and enlisted airmen.
  • Paralegal Top Graduate Awards:  To provide award plaques for the top 10% of the PAC and Paralegal Craftsman Courses.
  • TJAG Annual Award Plaque Nameplates:  To provide engraved nameplates of the winners for each of the TJAG Annual Award Plaques displayed in the School.   
  • Paralegal Attendance at JASOC Graduation Dining Out: To foster the growth of teamwork between paralegals and judge advocates by underwriting the cost of enlisted paralegal faculty to attend the JASOC Graduation Dining Out.
  • Paralegal Advisory Committee Lunches:  To underwrite the costs associated with hosting lunch when the American Bar Association committee members visit to evaluate the JAG School's paralegal program.
  • Law School Career Services Officers (CSO) Conference Dinners:  To fund the cost of dinner held during CSO conferences in order to improve JAG recruitment by educating CSOs about the unique career opportunities availabe in the JAG Corps.

Foundation Newsletter


  • Legacy:  The newsletter of the Air Force Judge Advocate General's School Foundation, Inc.  This vital update of Foundation news and current articles about the JAG School is sent via mail annually to all donors and potential donors.  It is also available to download from this website (see above).