The JAG School Foundation Mission

Regardless of rank or position, each member of the JAG Corps has at least one experience in common: the privilege of learning the practice of Air Force law at the Air Force JAG School. The School is the intellectual, cultural, and emotional alma mater of every Air Force legal professional who has passed through its doors. Recognizing that fact, the Air Force JAG School Foundation has reimagined its role as the School’s non-profit partner by expanding its charter to include three principal mission elements: Support, Heritage, and Membership.

Mission Elements


The original JAG School Foundation mission was to provide the JAG School support not available through appropriated funds or other kinds of official Air Force Support.

In recognition of the fact that our support extends far beyond direct monetary support for JAG School programs, materials, and resources, the Foundation expanded its charter to include two additional mission elements unavailable anywhere else in the JAG Corps: Heritage and Membership.

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Although bits and pieces of Air Force JAG Corps heritage reside in the JAG School and across the JAG Corps, there is no single repository of individual JAG Corps member history.

The Foundation established virtual archives – photographic, documentary, and video – within this website in an effort to both crowdsource individual member contributions and make them available to all JAG Corps alumni.

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Until the Foundation established its membership program, the JAG School did not have an alumni association and the JAG Corps had no program to connect JAG Corps alumni to the institution in which they served or the men and women with whom they served.

The Foundation’s membership program is intended to fill those gaps. We envision membership as our continued connection to the JAG Corps and to each other.

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