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The Foundation’s vision of becoming a unifying force for the JAG Corps extends not only to crowdsourcing its heritage; we want to become the gathering place for its current members and its alumni. Membership in the JAG Corps Foundation will link you both to the men and women with whom you served, and to the school through which you entered.

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Membership in the JAG School Foundation will provide you a continued connection to the JAG Corps, its current members, and the alumni with whom you served. Whether you served four or thirty years as a judge advocate, enlisted paralegal, or civilian legal professional, you’ve earned the privilege of proudly identifying yourself as a member or former member of the JAG Corps.

We want the JAG Corps Foundation to offer each of you — each JAG School graduate — a place to reconnect with your former colleagues, information about how the JAG Corps is leading the Air Force and Space Force to new frontiers, and opportunities to attend JAG School and Foundation events. The JAG School Foundation is your way to stay connected to the JAG Corps to which you dedicated part of your professional life.

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Benefits of Membership

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Joining the JAG School Foundation will help you connect with other Foundation members.

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